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Why Buy Finish Authentic?

An Excerpt from the Finish Authentic Blog, December 2, 2017

"An example of Finish Authentic quality is the fabric we choose for our designs. Most companies push 100% cotton t-shirts because cotton is cheap and abundant. Unfortunately, it’s also notorious for severe shrinkage from laundering; ironic because most cotton tees aren’t comfortable until they’ve been washed a couple of times. Cotton also causes, and traps sweat, eventually soaking the tee.

One alternative to cotton is so-called, “performance fabrics,” which are typically 100% polyester, with an occasional spandex blend. While these shirts breathe and wick sweat, they present other negative issues, with the biggest being price. 100% poly can also smell funky after a while because it is a synthetic fabric. Polyester, by itself, can pill easily too, which looks unattractive on a tee.

Finish Authentic has struck a nice balance with our products. For example, most of our tees use a 4-ounce, poly/cotton blend heather material that is simply fantastic. The best of both worlds. Our tees are cool and lightweight; great for both casual wear and working on your game. With the poly blend, they are also tough and long-lasting, without feeling heavy. You will see and feel the difference in our tees immediately. The blended heather fabric pops with high definition, sharp color. Our shirts are wearable right out of the box, without washing. Because of the quality, our shirts cost, in some cases, twice as much to produce as our competitors, but we sell them for the same price or less."